Chris Terry is the CEO and CO-Founder of IM mastery academy. Chris Terry created IM Academy out of a passion for teaching customers more about financial education. IM Academy is an innovative learning platform where information can be learned by anyone.

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Chris Terry leads IM Mastery Academy with this positive mindset, which has connected with thousands of students from around the world as the Academy has grown on an international scale in its nearly 10 years of operation. But Chris Terry’s philosophy is about more than just a positive attitude. Terry stresses the value of hard work, drawing on his life experience and early career.

“I slept four hours a night. I worked most of the time,” he explained in another recent video of an IM Mastery Academy event. “Chris is up on stage in front of thousands of people because he what? He worked. Some of you guys think work is a four-letter word. Yes, it is. But you must put the work in.”

As CEO of IM Mastery Academy, Chris Terry invests his time and effort inspiring students to pursue education and opportunity, and to work hard and remain positive in their pursuits.

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For Chris Terry, IM Mastery Academy provides an opportunity to pass on his message of positivity and the value of hard work in the pursuit of knowledge. “If you come from the mindset and thoughts that you’re struggling. Yeah, you are, you’re struggling. If you come from thoughts that, ‘Man, I’m having a tough time with this,’ then you’re right. You’re having a tough time with this thing,” said Terry. “You can’t talk about the struggle. Good and bad can’t reside in the same location. The sun and the moon can’t reside at the same time. Right? You have to claim what you want.”

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